02 November, 2017


- Lilly Pulitzer -

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Hey! How are you doing? Yesterdy was a free day from all of the work and studies, so that was amazing. Because of this free day, my good
friend Elvita has come on Tuesday from Kaunas and has been here, in Vilnius, for two days. It is always so nice to meet up with friends that you don't see that often! Next time, it will be my turn to visit her in Kaunas, or we talked that someday we gonna meet for a day in Trakai. Waiting for that! I love to meet with my old friends because here I don't have so many yet, I always spend my days with my boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend and two other friends. Almost all the crew is from the same town, so I feel like I'm not really integrated in Vilnius hahaha.
Anyway, I love this city and I hope this city will love me too ♥ Love xx

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